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Pay Less for Blood Tests, CAT Scans, Hormone Tests, and More

It probably comes as no surprise that some of the highest mark-ups among medical expenses involve lab tests. To see how a patient’s $744 lab fee was lowered to only $58.32, click here

When you get X-rays at a hospital or have blood drawn at your doctor’s office and then sent off to a lab, you typically pay more than if you had ordered these tests on your own from an independent lab. This is for two main reasons. One, you’re paying a retail rate to the lab, and two, doctors’ offices tack on their own fees. 

All too often, patients do little, if any, price shopping before getting lab work done, and this costs them. There are often markups by doctors on tests they order. As a result, prices are much higher than they should be. Instead of going along with this ridiculous system, HSA for America clients are taking things into their own hands and ordering their tests themselves.

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HSA for America Additional Benefit: Discounted Lab Fees

HSA for America has contracted with Direct Labs to give our clients the lowest available prices. There’s no cost to join, so you have nothing to lose. Just sign up, and then you can order your lab tests at a discounted rate. It’s that simple. 

The President of HSA for America, Wiley Long, recently ordered a Comprehensive Wellness Profile (CWP). These tests include information about a whole host of health issues, like kidney and liver function, infection and nutrition, risk of diabetes and risk of heart disease, as well as measurements of total cholesterol, liver enzymes, HDL, LDL, blood glucose, triglycerides, and many other factors.

The test may have cost over $565 if done at a hospital or doctor’s office, but it only cost him $97.

Our clients often save 80% or more when using the discount program. You can even use these services on tests your doctor orders. When you go to have your test, simply explain you intend to pay the costs yourself since your deductible has not been met, and you’re hoping to minimize your out-of-pocket expenses. Your doctor should have no problem with this.

You can order the tests online, have your blood drawn without making an appointment, and get your results online within 48 hours. All this is available to you at no cost. 


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