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Medical Mutual Insurance is the leading insurer in the state of Ohio, having been in the business of health and life insurance since 1934. As the largest and highest-rated insurance company in the state, they offer a variety of insurance policies for every need and budget. Their SuperMed One plans offer traditional health insurance policies as well as HSA policies; this enables members to choose the plan that is right for them both in terms of benefits and cost.

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Advantages Offered by Medical Mutual

In addition to a wide variety of health insurance plans available at prices you can afford, Medical Mutual customers are also given access to many additional programs at no added cost. Some of these include:

A Personalized Health Assessment

Allows you to answer a set of questions about your lifestyle, habits, general overall health, and any medical conditions you might have. Once you have completed the assessment, you will be given a comprehensive plan for making healthier lifestyle choices in order to prevent future problems.

 Reimbursement for enrollment in Weight Watchers

If you sign up for and complete a year of weekly meetings, Medical Mutual will reimburse you for your enrollment fees, up to $150 per family member enrolled.

Tobacco cessation supplies and support.

Discounts at fitness clubs.

Medical Mutual also offers other interactive wellness activities to help you achieve and maintain your personal health goals.

Medical Mutual Plans Offered

There are a variety of plans offered through this company, both for individuals and families.

Value Plus plans offer basic medical services with a 70% coinsurance plan. Your first two office or urgent care visits are paid at 100%, and then you will pay 70% until your deductible is met. There are several different deductible options for both individuals and families.
This plan also provides prescription drug coverage for generic brands, diagnostic services (such as lab work or X-rays), and various outpatient therapies.

Copay plans offer the same coverage as the Value Plus plans, but the deductibles are lower and there is a copay for all services. The coinsurance amount is 80%, which means that until your deductible is met, your insurance will cover 80% of your medical expenses after your copay. Prescription drug coverage is not limited to generic versions, although different copay amounts will apply for different types of drugs.

HSA plans also offer the same coverage, but have higher deductibles. You can use your established HSA (Health Savings Account) to pay for any medical expenses, and once your deductible is met, all of the covered services are paid at 100%.

Short-term plans provide temporary coverage if you are waiting for the open enrollment period for employer-sponsored health plans, if you are in between jobs, are unemployed, or are otherwise in need of temporary insurance.

Other Offers:

  • Optional coverage for dental and vision services, as well as maternity care.
  • Life insurance.

Please note that all preventative services that are required by the Affordable Care Act are covered at 100%. This includes routine childhood immunizations and wellness checkups.

How to Apply

In order to apply for coverage through Medical Mutual of Ohio, you can visit HSA for America and receive an instant quote. Once you have chosen the plan you would like, you will then be instructed on how to apply. Or if you are uncomfortable with the online quote and application process, you can contact HSA for America at 1-800-913-0172.

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