Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Pennsylvania

Available in central and western Pennsylvania, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a wide selection of Affordable Care Act (ACA) plans both on and off the health insurance exchange.

Choose from ACA-qualified plans across Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum levels, as well as catastrophic coverage — all with the long-trusted coverage of health insurance leader, Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

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Comprehensive Care Plans

Highmark Comprehensive Care plans typically have higher premiums to afford you lower deductibles to make it easier to access frequent medical services with lower out-of-pocket costs.

    • Comprehensive Care Blue PPO 500 (Platinum)
    • Comprehensive Care Blue PPO 1500 (Silver)

Health Savings Account (HSA) Plans

HSA-qualified health plans allow you to contribute pre-tax dollars to your health savings account to be used to pay for a wide variety of qualified health expenses, lower your taxable income and never lose the funds you build through to retirement.  After 10 years, HSAs continue to grow in popularity for people who want more control over their health care spending, lower taxes and supplemental retirement resources.

    • Health Savings Blue PPO 1300 (Gold)
    • Health Savings Blue PPO 2500 (Silver)
    • Health Savings Blue PPO 3400 (Bronze)
    • Health Savings Blue PPO 1700 a Community Blue Plan (Silver)
    • Health Savings Blue PPO 2750 a Community Blue Plan (Silver)

Shared Cost Plans

BCBS Shared Cost plans provide coverage with low monthly premiums.  While you are responsible for 100% of your costs until your selected deductible is met, your coverage pays 100% after co-insurance and copayment maximums are met.  

    • Blue Cross Blue Shield Shared Cost 1500, a Multi-State Plan (Gold)
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield Shared Cost 3200, a Multi-State Plan (Silver)
    • Blue Shield Shared Cost 1500, a Multi-State Plan (Gold)
    • Blue Shield Shared Cost 3200, a Multi-State Plan (Silver)
    • Shared Cost Blue PPO 1500 (Gold)
    • Shared Cost Blue PPO 3200 (Silver)
    •  Shared Cost Blue PPO 5500 (Bronze)

Major Events Blue PPO Catastrophic Plans

Catastrophic plans provide coverage for unexpected major medical events for young adults under 30, as well as those who qualify for an ACA-qualified hardship exemption.  Offering lower premiums than traditional plans, catastrophic coverage is a popular approach for young, healthy individuals who do not rely on frequent medical attention.

    • Major Events Blue PPO 6350 (Catastrophic)
    • Major Events Blue PPO 6350 a Community Blue Plan (Catastrophic)

Blue HMO Care Guide Plan

Choose from a wide variety of network providers for lower out-of-pocket costs with this HMO Gold metal tier level plan.  Check to see if your preferred physician is a participant in this network.

    • Care Guide Blue HMO 500 (Gold)

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