Why More People Are Switching to Healthshare Plans

Health care sharing programs have been around for decades, so they’re nothing new. However, they’ve been garnering attention in the last several years due to what they have to offer. As of the end of last year (2018), there were more than a million members nationwide.

Healthshares are nonprofit organizations that facilitate the sharing of qualifying medical expenses among members. Health care sharing plans not insurance, but they do offer healthcare coverage that exceeds traditional insurance in many ways. 

Healthshare plans provide choice, autonomy, and more freedom when it comes to the doctor or hospital that you go to. The biggest reason these plans have become so popular is the low cost. Members tend to see significant savings. On average, members pay half of what they were paying for traditional insurance. 

See How Much Money You Can Save with a Health Care Sharing Plan

How Healthshares Helped Some of Our Clients

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Before we joined a healthshare plan, we were a pretty ordinary American family: high school sweethearts who married and had two energetic little boys and one toddler princess. But with two self-employed parents and three small kids, our health insurance costs had become extraordinarily high. As we planned for 2016, we weren’t sure how we were going to afford a decent healthcare plan, let alone a good one.

When I stumbled upon the concept of health sharing ministries, it almost felt too good to be true. I researched all of the health share organizations extensively. We chose Liberty based on several reasons, including your inclusion in preventative healthcare—principles that aligned with our own—and fair costs that fell within our limited budget.

While I admit it was extremely nerve-wracking to jump ship from the relatively “safe” world of traditional healthcare, we agreed that it was worth a try. We signed up to become members in January 2016. Little did we know that 2016 would be a year that would rock our world.

Shortly after giving birth to a beautiful baby boy, I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. So I worked with Amy, an employee with the healthshare I joined, to get the dozens of bills I accrued from the hospital, and individual doctors, processed. Our first year as sharing members was hugely dramatic and EXPENSIVE, but my healthcare sharing ministry was there for us every step of the way. The members took care of us just as their principles implied they would.

Learning about healthshare plans was quite honestly one of the best things to happen to our family. I share our experience with anyone who will listen. Thanks to my healthshare for sharing in our struggles and our triumphs and for taking care of our family during this very difficult time in our lives. 

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When I first switched to a healthshare plan last year, I was also hesitant. While the premiums were indeed much lower than my previous expensive traditional health insurance plans, I wasn’t sure if it would cover my healthcare needs.

I’m generally healthy, but this year, I was admitted to the hospital unexpectedly. My doctors ran tests and I had to stay for a few days before I was allowed to get discharged.

I told the hospital that I was a member of a healthshare community. My doctor then submitted the bill to my healthshare plan. My healthshare negotiated my bill to further reflect the actual cost. They paid for the eligible bills and I was able to save thousands on my hospital bill. I’m so thankful that I made the switch to a healthshare plan.

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How Healthshare Plans Work

1. Contribute

Pay your monthly contributions.

2. Visit Your Doctor

Show your member ID when you experience medical costs.

3. Submit

Your doctor sends the bill to your healthshare.

4. Process

Your Healthshare receives the bill and processes your bills for discounts and sharing eligibility.

5. Confirmation

You and your doctor will receive an Explanation of Sharing to confirm payment.

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See How Much Money You Can Save with a Health Care Sharing Plan