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Direct primary care health plans with a focus on keeping you healthy

Based in Austin, Decent Health Plans offers a wide range of affordable insurance plans for individuals, families, and businesses. With a focus on preventive care and improved patient-doctor relationships, Decent believes that the key to saving money on health care is by staying healthy.

In addition to more traditional metal-tiered ACA plans, Decent also offers special ‘Remote’ plans that offer a virtual-only care model at a significantly reduced price.

All Decent Health Plans come with the added benefit of unlimited free primary care visits and 24/7 telehealth services.

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Plan Overview: Decent


Unlimited free primary care visits

With the Direct Primary Care structure of Decent’s health plans, enrollees can enjoy unlimited free visits to their primary care provider.

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High-value coverage for groups and businesses

With specially structured low-cost group insurance plans, Decent makes it possible for even small employers to offer the same comprehensive coverage as much larger companies.


Health insurance plans at 40% of market rate

Decent is dedicated to offering some of the most affordable plans in Texas, with some plan rates coming in at 40% cheaper than average ACA plans.


Free 24/7 telemedicine services

Members can access virtual health services at any time of day, including nurse consultations, prescription orders, and primary care visits. Decent also offers low-cost ‘Remote’ plans focused entirely on virtual health care.

Decent health plans: how direct primary care is different

Direct Primary Care is a relatively new way to structure health insurance plans. Under this structure, doctors are paid a monthly salary as opposed to a per-patient fee. This gives physicians more time to connect with their patients and monitor their ongoing health.

This structure is also designed to keep members as healthy as possible, greatly reducing the amount of money they have to spend on out-of-pocket care.

The different types of Decent health insurance plans

In addition to ACA-compliant metal tier plans, Decent offers a number of specialized plans designed to make coverage even more affordable:

 Zero Plans

Members have access to copay-based coverage from day 1, offering a $0 medical deductible.

 Remote Plans

Members can save even more money by enrolling in a Remote plan. These plans are designed to offer virtual-only coverage at a fraction of the price. When a virtual doctor’s visit results in a referral for in-person treatment, Remote members will be subject to an additional copay for treatment.

 Saver Plans

All Saver plans from Decent are HSA-qualified, allowing members to open a Health Savings Account (HSA) and save tax-free money for out-of-pocket costs.

Ready to sign up for coverage with Decent?

Individuals and businesses anywhere in the state of Texas can enroll in a Decent health plan. Your Personal Benefits Manger can walk you through the different plans that are available, as well as tell you more about the concept of Direct Primary Care.

Call 800-913-0172 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation, or click the link below to run a Free Quote.

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