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Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nevada

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nevada has long been one of our most popular carriers. Pairing as HSA, Blue Cross Blue Shield qualified health insurance plan with a Health Savings Account will enable you to lower your premium, reduce your income taxes, build a tax-deferred investment account, and take control of your healthcare.

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Individual and family plans offer no-cost preventative care for in-network providers, without having to meet your deductible first. This includes yearly screenings and immunizations like flu shots. Once out-of-pocket limits have been met, all plans pay 100% of costs for the rest of the coverage year. 

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Members have 24/7 access to telehealth services, where they can talk to participating doctors and nurses to ask questions or get prescriptions refilled.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield is actually an association of several different insurance companies, each representing Blue Cross in their own region.  The local member companies of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association provide coverage for one of every three Americans, a total of more than 88 million people.  Blue Cross Blue Shield also contracts with more hospitals and physicians than any other insurer in the nation.

To learn more about Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nevada, call your Personal Benefits Manager at (800) 913-0172.  Your Personal Benefits Manager will guide you in obtaining the right health insurance plan for you and your family.

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