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For six years in a row, Health Net of Arizona is ranked as the No.1 HMO in Arizona. The company’s PPO is ranked as No. 3 this year according to Ranking Arizona, the state’s biggest business opinion poll. Health Net of Arizona is a subsidiary of Health Net Inc.  It offers a wide range of health insurance policies to fit the health care needs of individuals and families.  Health Net also offers specialty services including coverage for dental, vision, life insurance and even chiropractic and alternative medicine.

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health-coverageInsurance Premiums

Rates will greatly depend on several factors such as age, zip code, smoking history and health status.  To get an idea how much your premiums will be on available Health Net of Arizona health insurance plans in your area, you can call us at 800-913-0172 to talk to your HSA for America Personal Benefits Manager.  If you want to get rates in just a few minutes, run our instant quotes.

Provider Network

Health Net of Arizona has a huge network of providers with over 12,022 affiliated doctors to serve the residents of Arizona.  Nationwide, Health Net Inc. has 4,550 hospitals, more than 50,000 doctors, and over 4,600 pharmacies if you need health care services out-of-state. To easily get a list of the nearest in-network doctor or hospital, use Health Net’s Provider Search tool by clicking here.  Simply enter your address and zip code and click search.

Underwriting Guidelines

If no medical records are required, Health Net could process your submitted application in less than a week. However, most applications would take around two to four weeks.  If you have a medical condition, Health Net of AZ will ask for your medical records and order a couple of medical tests that could delay your application. You may request a temporary or an indefinite rider to waive certain health conditions, though.

Policy Timing

Once your application has been approved by Health Net, your coverage can immediately begin.  You have the option to choose when you would like your coverage to begin, but the date should be within 60 days from when you have signed your application. You will get billed on the requested effective date that you selected whether or not you received any approval notification from Health Net. It is advisable that before you cancel your old policy you wait for the approval letter coming from either Health Net of Arizona or HSA for America stating that your application is approved and coverage is in place.

 How to Applyhow-to-apply

If you want to get information and rates regarding the plans that Health Net of Arizona offers, please run an instant quote on our site. Once you have selected the plan that fits your needs and budget, click “Apply” if you wish to apply online. You can also call us at 800-913-0172 if you want your application to be taken over the phone.

About Health Net of Arizona

Health Net of Arizona started in Tucson in 1981.  During the company’s starting years, it was previously called Intergroup of Arizona.  It later changed its name to Health Net.  Health Net started as a company exclusively selling comprehensive Medigap plans before it finally offered individual, family and group plans to the public.

Health Net of Arizona has also garnered numerous awards and recognitions.  For two years straight, the company grabbed the No.1 spot on the annual U.S. News and World Report’s “Best Health Plans in America.” It also received an “Excellent” accreditation status by the National Committee for Quality Assurance because of its exceptional service and clinical quality.

Health Net of Arizona has received a B++ (Good) rating from the independent insurance rating organization, A.M. Best Company.

Administering your HSA

Since your health insurance plan is separate from your Health Savings Account, you will need to choose an HSA Administrator (bank or trustee). To see the list of approved banks or trustees that can administer an HSA, go to our HSA Administrator page.  Here, you will also see the setup, monthly and annual fees that they are charging.

HSA for America is an independent authorized Health Net of Arizona agent.

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