Physicians Health Plan

In 1980, Physicians Health Plan was born from Sparrow Health System and a group of physicians. Together, they created an independent practice association (IPA), which is made from local physicians, hospitals, and other medical professionals. Physicians Health Plan operates with Montana employers, employees, and Medicaid-eligible individuals specifically in mind.

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Member Benefits

Physicians Health Plan members have these following benefits:

MyHealth Web

An online system for PHP members where they can store their personal medical info, order new IDs, view claims, and change their PCP.


Members also can access Life360 programs geared towards conditions like diabetes and asthma.

Personal Health Manager

For even more control over health care, there’s the Personal Health Manager where customers can track info like their wellness and what medications they’re taking.

Plan Options

PHP has a wide range of plans available, including plans that are eligible for HSAs.

  • Sparrow PHP Platinum – Two plans: 250 + 500 -100%
  • Sparrow PHP Gold – Five plans: 500, 500 Basic Plan, 1000 Plan, 1250 Federal Standard, and 1400 HSA Plan
  • Sparrow PHP Silver – Seven plans: 2000 Plan, 2500 Plan, 3000 Plan, 3500 Plan Federal Standard, 4000 Plan, 5000 Plan, and HDHP Plan
  • Sparrow PHP Bronze – Three plans: 6650 Federal Standard Plan, 5500 HSA Plan, and 6550 HSA Plan
  • Sparrow PHP Healthy Plan (Catastrophic)

Got Questions?

Are you interested in Physicians Health Plan? Please call us at 800-913-0172, and an HSA representative can answer any questions you might have, provide valuable information about insurance and HSAs, or help you sign up for a plan.

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