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No one should have to live their life unprotected because
healthcare is too complicated, or expensive.

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Who is OneShare

OneShare Health provides you the most affordable, and flexible healthcare to best fit your needs.
Simple Coverage
Members help pay each other’s medical expenses through OneShare Health’s medical plan.
A Protected Life
OneShare Health has open enrollment 365 days a year. We also provide next day sharing.
It's Complicated

Searching for healthcare is confusing and stressful.

Where do I start?
What are my options?
How can I afford this?
Why is it so complicated?
Can I risk living without healthcare?

The process of finding a healthcare plan that fits your needs shouldn't be so hard.

With all the legal fine print, outrageous prices, and short enrollment periods your likely to give-in before truly finding the best option for you.

We believe you deserve the chance to chose the best healthcare you can afford!

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