New Mexico Health Connections

New Mexico Health Connections is a new, non-profit health plan that serves individuals, families and small businesses across New Mexico.  Chartered by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), New Mexico Health Connections prioritizes offering the lowest possible premiums to their members by reinvesting their own profits.

What New Mexico Health Connections Offers

They offer disease management services, mail-order pharmacy services as well as pregnancy services for moms-to-be.  New Mexico Health Connections also has a Health Risk Assessment (HRA), which consists of a comprehensive questionnaire that is used to identify any high-risk health behaviors that may contribute to a future chronic disease. 

 There are four elements involved in a Health Risk Assessment, which consists of the following:


A questionnaire

new mexico health calculator

A calculation score of your health status


An automatic online report

new mexico

Links to articles and other resources to promote health.

HMO Plans

 Choice Connect Gold $500 PPO

Choice Connect Silver $2,000 PPO

PPO Plans

Care Connect Gold $750 HMO

Care Connect Catastrophic HMO

Care Connect Silver $2,000 HMO

Healthy Connect Gold HMO

Care Connect Bronze $4,000 HMO

Healthy Connect Silver HMO

Care Connect Bronze HMO

Healthy Connect Bronze HMO

We’re Here to Help

A partnership with a HSA for America Personal Benefits Manager will ultimately help you find the best health plan possible for you and your personal situation.  Your Personal Benefits Manager will guide you through the process of obtaining the right health insurance, while also guiding you through any questions or concerns that may arise.  This lasting professional relationship is there for you at any time, just a phone call away.

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