How to Receive the Lowest Negotiated Prices on Your Medical Bills

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Though hospitals rarely post their prices, when they do, it is a list price that virtually no one pays. Third party administrators, HMOs, and large companies routinely negotiate with hospitals to get the lowest price. When you have a high deductible, receiving the lowest negotiated price will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

To be sure we are getting the lowest negotiated medical pricing, we recommend using a bill negotiation service. HSA for America clients use this service after they have already received their PPO discounts, and routinely are able to reduce their bill even further.

You Could Save 50% on Hospital Bill!

We don’t just talk about the additional benefits we offer— we actually use them ourselves! For example, one of our clients recently needed to seek medical treatment for his son at a hospital in Atlanta. Even though he had insurance, his share of the charges–or patient responsibility— was still $801.50.

Luckily, he had enrolled himself in our bill negotiation service, which acted on his behalf to reduce his out-of-pocket amount to $280.52! Without it, he would have been responsible for the full $801.50.

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Even after a small service fee, he still saved $401.15—a savings of 50 percent!

We hear many similar stories from clients who can’t believe how much they can save with a negotiation service working with the hospital on their behalf and actually getting real results.

HSA for America Additional Benefit: Medical Bill Review

HSA for America partners with South Florida Utilization Review (SFUR) to help you lower your medical bills. For years SFUR has negotiated millions in savings in payments of medical bills across the country. SFUR is a member of the National Association of Independent Review Organizations (NAIRO) and is an URAC-accredited Independent Review Organizations (IRO).

If you have an outstanding medical bill of $25,000 or more, SFUR will work to negotiate down the costs for you.

Once you are signed up below, SFUR will reach out to discuss your medical bill. If savings can be generated, they will take on the negotiation for a $400 non-refundable deposit.

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