L.A. Care Health Plan

Since 1997, L.A. Care Health Plan has served California as an independent public agency that values community, useful and accessible technological advances, and affordable healthcare for low-income people. They are currently America’s largest publicly-operated healthcare plan, and serve over 2 million members.

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L.A. Care Membership Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to having a plan with L.A. Care. You get access to mental health services, including substance abuse services. Each plan has different dental and vision coverage:


Dental and vision services covered for children up to 19, and adults in special circumstances.

L.A. Care Covered/Direct

Dental and vision services covered for children up to 19, and adults in special circumstances.


No coverage for routine dental or vision, but there is separate coverage available.

Healthy Kids

Dental is provided through Liberty Dental.

Plan Options with L.A.Care

L.A. Care Health Plan has quite a few plans to choose from, offering their customers a lot of choice for what works best with their lives and budget.

  • Medi-Cal

    This public program is available to qualifying people (there are income guidelines) living in Los Angeles county. If you qualify, there are no monthly premiums or co-pays, and you can choose healthcare from L.A. Care or one of their Plan Partners, such as Anthem Blue Cross and Kaiser Permanente.

  • L.A. Care Covered

    There are four tiered plans (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum), and all cover the ACA’s essential benefits. You get some no-cost preventative services, a 24/hour Nurse Advice line, a large network of medical professionals, and access to a Family Resource Center. L.A. Care Covered also offers a Minimum Coverage HMO.

  • L.A. Care Covered Direct

    If you get health coverage directly with L.A. Care Health Plan or don’t qualify for financial assistance, your plan will fall under the Covered Direct header. You get the same benefits and tier options as through L.A. Care Covered.

  • Homecare Workers Health Care Plan (PASC-SEIU)

    This plan is designed specifically for Homecare workers.

  • Healthy Kids

    This program covers eligible kids up to age 5 who don’t qualify for Covered California or Medi-Cal.

  • Cal MediConnect

The California Department of Health Care Services contracts with L.A. Care Health Plan, so the lowest-income population can get good healthcare. When a healthcare provider and member are on this plan, Cal MediConnect organizes all Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits in one package, which includes prescription meds, mental health services, long-term services, and so on.

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