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Joppa Health Share
By Leslie Jablonski – Updated Nov 14, 2022
Reviewed by Whitney Kline – Fact checked by Lou Spatafore

Joppa Health Share is a Christian Health Sharing ministry that offers an affordable and extensive health sharing alternative to traditional health insurance – at a fraction of the cost per month.

Joppa is a relative newcomer to the health sharing market. But it features a number of innovative programs, including first-day health sharing eligibility for hospitalizations for certain events, such as myocardial infarctions.

Most programs come with free  or deeply discounted telemedicine visits, the Joppa Rx prescription drug program, and more!

Joppa Health Share Membership Options

The Joppa Health Share Concord Program offers 3 distinct Program levels, called Sharing 25k, Sharing 50k and Sharing 75k.

Each provides sharing for Day-to-Day Care with up to 6 Primary Care, Specialist or Urgent Care Facility Visits per Program Year and Preventive Services. Plus sharing for Inpatient Hospital and Surgery Services, Outpatient Surgery, Outpatient Services, Maternity and more. 

Under the Concord plans, annual cost sharing is capped at the amount indicated in the program name: Sharing 25k has a $25,000 maximum cost share per plan year, Sharing 50k has a $50,000 cap, and the highest level is the Sharing 75k, with a $75,000 annual limit.

After PPO discounts, cash-pay discounts, or other negotiations, it is quite rare for hospital bills to ever be over $50,000. However, it is certainly possible that one could exceed the annual sharing limits of your plan. 

Because these plans do not have million dollar or unlimited lifetime benefits, the monthly pricing is very attractive – particularly for older enrollees.

See the details of the Concord health sharing programs here

Member Benefits

  • Unlimited telemedicine visits with no consult fee
  • Dental and vision care discounts via Careington
  • Discounts on lab services via FairPrice Labs
  • Doctor office visit discounts
  • WellCard RX prescription discounts
  • Discounts on diabetic care services and supplies such as test strips
  • Discounts on vitamins and other daily living and wellness products

Day-to-Day care benefits:

Physician office visits:

  • Combined up to 5 PCP, Specialist or Urgent Care Facility visits per program year per Member
  • Member Responsibility: $35 Visit Fee per visit
  • After the Visit Fee, Eligible Expenses are shared up to a maximum of $250 per Visit

Preventative care services

  • Eligible Expense Shared at 100%
  • Up to $1,000 per Program Year, per Member

Joppa Health Share FAQs

Q: How does Joppa Health Share work?

A. Members make fixed monthly contributions to the health-sharing community. Your monthly contributions to the plan are combined with other members who share your faith and your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

These funds are pooled with those of other participants and are used to pay members’ qualifying medical bills as needs arise.

Each member or family chooses a Member Responsibility Amount (MRA), which is the minimum dollar amount they must contribute to the community before their own needs can be paid. The higher the MRA, the lower monthly contribution, and vice versa.

Once a member’s MRA has been met, the community begins to pay his or her medical bills.

This leads to better health and good stewardship of the financial resources of the health sharing community.

Q. How do Joppa plans work when I need care? 

A: If you need to seek medical care, you would take your provider’s invoice and send it to Joppa Health Share as part of a health sharing request. Joppa Health Sharing staff then confirms your bill is qualified for cost sharing under their plan.

They then compare your request for cost sharing to your Member Responsibility Amount on your plan. This is the amount you must pay out-of-pocket during the plan year before your expenses are eligible for cost sharing under your plan

Joppa then pays the amount in excess of your Member Responsibility Amount, up to the limits of your plan.

Depending on the membership tier you select, some telemedicine visits or primary care visits may already be included under your plan, with a small co-pay.

Q: What is the deductible for Joppa plans?

A: Because Joppa is not an insurance company, the term “deductible” does not apply.

Instead, each member or family chooses a Member Responsibility Amount (MRA). This is the minimum dollar amount they must contribute to the community before their medical expenses are eligible for sharing. The higher the MRA, the lower monthly contribution and vice versa.

Joppa members can select an MRA of $1,500, $2750, $5,000, or $10,000 per year. 

Once a member’s MRA has been met, the Joppa community begins to pay that member’s medical bills.

Q: How much do Joppa plans cost?

A: The monthly contributions for Joppa Health Share vary based on your family status, age, and which of their programs and membership tiers you sign up for. They also vary based on the annual Member Responsibility Amount you select (see the FAQ immediately above this one). 

The higher the MRA you choose, the lower your monthly contributions will be.

Generally, your monthly contributions to Joppa will cost just a fraction of a traditional individual or family health insurance policy with a deductible comparable to your Joppa Health Share MRA.  

For a no-obligation custom quote, contact us today and speak to one of our Personal Benefit Managers.

Q: Are Joppa plans cheaper than health insurance?

A: Generally, Joppa Health Share’s monthly contributions are much less than the monthly premiums you would pay for an unsubsidized traditional health insurance policy with a deductible comparable to the MRA you select.

Q: Is Joppa Health Share a Christian organization?

A: Joppa Health Share is an explicitly Christian organization. The organization cites Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians (Galatians 6:2) as its founding principle: “Share each other’s burdens, and in this way obey the law of Christ.” 

Members must sign a brief statement of faith, including an acknowledgement of a spiritual duty to maintain a healthy lifestyle, in accordance with 1 Corinthians 6:19-20.

Q: Are Joppa plans considered health insurance?

A: Joppa Healthshare plans are not health insurance. Instead, Joppa Health Share is a Christian health care ministry that facilitates the sharing of certain qualified health care expenses among its members.

Q: Who is Joppa Health Share for?

A: Joppa is for Individuals ages 18-65, married couples, parent and child households, and families who share their Biblical values and who pledge to adhere to healthy lifestyles.

Q: Do Joppa members have to use a provider network? 

A: No. But as a Joppa Health Share Member, you have access to the First Health® Network. Providers participating in the First Health Network have negotiated discounts that may reduce your medical costs and result in significant savings for you.

You can still use an out-of-network provider or facility. But using an out-of-network provider may result in higher out-of-pocket costs.

Q: How do Joppa plans work for prescription drugs?

A: Joppa Members have access to the Joppa Rx Prescription Membership. Through Joppa Rx’s relationship and buying power with America’s Pharmacy Source, Members receive optimum pricing for medications ailments requiring Acute, Chronic, Over the Counter and Diabetic supplies and medications.

Medications are sourced in the United States and are all approved by the FDA.

Q: Do I have to wait for open enrollment to join Joppa Health Share? 

A:There are no open enrollments with Joppa Health Share. You can enroll or cancel your membership at any time.

Pros of Joppa Health Share

  • Joppa plans can be much less expensive than traditional health insurance.
  • Joppa Health Share is a not-for-profit company, unlike health insurance companies.
  • Joppa is a faith-based community that operates on Biblical principles.
  • Members of Joppa are encouraged and incentivized to live a healthy lifestyle, and can even get the help of a Health Coach when needed.
  • Joppa Health Share offers online video conferencing, even for things like prescription refills.
  • Health Care Sharing Ministries like Joppa are audited on an annual basis, so members can be confident about financial stability.

Cons of Joppa Health Share

  • Joppa is not an insurance company, and is not regulated as such. Members may have less state or federal regulator protection than they would with a traditional insurance company.
  • Joppa Health Share can choose to deny pre-existing conditions. 
  • Coverage is limited to $150,000 per incident. 
  • Some plans have comparatively low sharing maximums per year. For example, the Concord 25k plan caps sharing at $25,000 per plan year.

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