Blue Shield of California

Blue Shield of California has been providing excellent service to approximately 3.5 million Californians.  It is one of the leading and most well-known health insurance companies in California offering Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and non-HSA plans. BS of California also offers affordable and quality health insurance plans for the individual, family, short-term, Medicare and group health insurance plans for businesses.

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About Blue Shield of California

Founded in 1939, Blue Shield of California (previously known as California Physicians’ Service) made San Francisco its headquarters. It is a non-profit, mutual benefit company that is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Blue Shield of California was given a “Commendable” rating by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for the service and clinical quality it has provided for POS (Point of Service) and HMO business.

As of April 2019, Blue Shield CA has been awarded an A+ rating from Fitch Ratings for Blue Shield of California, an A (excellent) rating from AM Best for California Physicians’ Service, and an A+ (excellent) rating by Weiss Ratings for California Physicians’ Service.

HSA for America is an authorized and independent agent of Blue Shield of California.

Provider Network

Your access to Blue Shield of California’s provider and hospital networks will depend on your plan type. Their HMO plan holders have access to 16,000 in-network doctors in California. Their PPO network contracts with 46,000 physicians and 350 hospitals.

As for their Individual Medicare HMO, you can get care from 27,823 doctors and 147 California hospitals. If you want to easily find affiliated doctors and hospitals in your area, you can use their provider finder just by clicking here.

Policy Timing

If you sign up during open enrollment prior to December 15th, your policy will go into effect January 1.

If you sign up prior to January 15th, your policy will go into effect February 1.

If you sign up during a special enrollment period, your effective date will be the first of the following month.

Administering your HSA

Your health insurance plan and Health Savings Account (HSA) are separate from each other. You need to select either an approved trustee or bank to administer your HSA. On our HSA Administrator page, there is a list of approved banks and trustees that can set up your HSA along with the fees that they will charge you. This will make it easier for you to compare and select an HSA administrator.

Insurance Premiums

The rates you will receive from Blue Shield of California will depend on your zip code, your age, and your income if you qualify for a subsidy. To easily get the rates of the available plans in your area, make use of our instant quotes. If you wish to speak with your HSA for America Personal Benefits Manager to discuss your options and how you can lower your premiums, you may call us at 800-913-0172.

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