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With 30 years of experience, AllWays Health Partners–formerly Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP)–is a not-for-profit, NCQA-accredited health plan that offers coverage for individuals and families in Massachusetts. 

This program works to support community health centers (CHCs) within Massachusetts to improve health care so its quality is equal for everyone. This program is estimated to offer almost $90 million in grants over a 15-year timespan. Furthermore, AllWays is extremely passionate about their Domestic Violence Initiative, working to both prevent and respond to these abusive behaviors. 

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Health Plans

AllWays offers competitive HMO and PPO plans. With the PPO Plus plans, in- and out-of-network doctor’s visits are covered, premiums may be higher with PPO plans, PCP is recommended but not required, No referrals necessary for specialty care. With the HMO plans, in-network care is covered only, premiums may be lower with HMO plans, your PCP coordinates your care, and you need referrals for specialty care.

There are two types of plans. Complete plans are HMO and PPO plans for individuals and families. CompleteCare plans are plans for individuals and families who qualify for subsidized insurance.

HSA Plans

There is one plan that is HSA-eligible. 

Complete HMO HSA 2000 30/60 Enhanced FlexRxS

    • Plan type: HMO
    • Deductible: $2,000 for individuals, $4,000 for families
    • Out-of-pocket maximum: $6,850 for individuals, $13,700 for families 
    • Preventative services are covered and do not count toward the deductible. 

Member Benefits

AllWays offers several extra member benefits at no to little cost. These include over-the-counter prescription medications, Visionworks eyewear and contact lenses (both free and discounted), nurse line available at any time, discounts on safety products for your home, free smoking cessation program and free For You Two pregnancy program, among various others. 

How HSA for America Can Help

If you have questions on the plans offered by AllWays Health Partners, we have a team of qualified Personal Benefits Managers who can help you.  You can get an instant quote below to get started choosing a health insurance plan or you can give your Personal Benefits Manager a call 800-913-0172.  Your Personal Benefits Manager will guide you through the process of obtaining the right coverage for you and your family.

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