Fayetteville Bank

Fayetteville Bank is a central Texas community bank offering Health Savings Accounts with no setup fees, free online banking and much more.  Fayetteville Bank takes pride in the excellent customer service they are providing their clients.  Building lasting relationships with their clients has always been their goal.

Opening Fee Closing Fee Minimum Opening Fee Monthly Fee Annual Fee
None $15 $50 None/$2* None

*Monthly Fee of $2 is waived as long as the account balance does not fall below $2,500

Plan Details

Aside from the free online banking services and debit card(s), you also get free 24 Hour Voice access to the account.  No limit in check writing.

Investment Options

Interest bearing checking account, with a variable interest rate.

You can visit Fayetteville Bank at www.fayettevillebank.com for complete information about their HSA rates and application instructions.

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