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American Health Value is an excellent choice for people looking for a low fee, easy-to-manage HSA.  Their staff is extremely well-trained, friendly & courteous and is available Monday-Friday 8 AM-7 PM CST.  They also have a 24 hour bank line for your convenience.

Opening Fee Closing Fee Minimum Opening Deposit Monthly Fee Annual Fee
None $20 $10 None/$2 $36

* $2.00 monthly maintenance fee waived if account balance over $2,500.00, or if account balance is over $1,500.00 with a monthly deposit

Access Fee

None. You are provided up to two debit cards (spouse), your first 50 checks, monthly e-statements, unlimited check transactions, tax reporting & forms, and 24/7 online account access, all completely free of charge.

There are no fees for ATM withdrawals, and they will even reimburse you up to $10/month for using “out of network” ATM’s if you needed to in an emergency. There are no fees for using your debit card(s). Written withdrawal requests are free. Any and every phone call, regardless of the reason, is free. They do not charge “research fees” like most other institutions, and they do not charge you for accessing your account, whatsoever.

About American Health Value

Since 1996, American Health Value (AHV) has been offering MSA/HSAs to individuals and employers. AHV is one of the first national independent HSA Administrators and was founded by Dr. William T. Terry. Aside from the experience and knowledge, they also have friendly HSA Specialists willing and ready to help you with your HSA needs.

To learn more about the company and their HSA program, visit

For a list of the administrators we recommend, please visit our HSA Administrators page.


American Health Value offers very low fees with over 6,000 investment options & access to a live, courteous & knowledgeable customer service team that is there to help you with your HSA at a moment’s notice. In addition, you receive free E-statements, 24/7 online banking, two free debit cards, 50 free checks, & will never experience any “access” or “research fees” on your HSA.

With your American Health Value HSA, you’ll receive their 6-in-1 Healthcare Savings Card that can save as much as 70 percent on prescriptions, vision & dental costs, hearing services, lab & blood testing, & medical imaging costs!

You may also enroll in their HSA Rewards program for free. With AHV HSA Rewards, you earn cash-back rewards on all sorts of online purchases you’re already making at major retailers like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Macy’s, Home Depot & more. Some purchases earn cash back rewards around 10 to 15 percent.

Disclaimer:  The information listed above is current to best of our knowledge.  Please visit this administrator’s web site or contact them directly to confirm you have the most current information available.

HSA for America is an independent health insurance agency specializing in high deductible health plans qualified to work with health savings accounts.  We provide a list of recommended HSA administrators as a service to our visitors and customers.  We are NOT an administrator ourselves.  If you have a question for a specific administrator, please contact them directly.

For a list of the administrators we recommend, please visit our HSA Administrators page.

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